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DID YOU KNOW? April is Volunteerism Month!

DID YOU KNOW? April is Volunteerism Month!


Volunteering in the NDT Industry is One of the Core Values of NDT Seals 

For the past 30+ years, our small NDT Seals team has always contributed to our industry. From volunteering in our local Greater Houston ASNT section to serving the industry internationally on the ASNT Board of Directors and Section Operations Council, we consider it an honor to be able to help our fellow NDT colleagues, businesses, and the industry overall thrive and make the world a safer place.

During the young professionals session at the recent NDTMA conference, the youngest member of our team, Zac Sebren, presented the value of volunteering. His presentation was really well received and highlighted the importance of volunteering in the NDT industry and the benefits for companies and professionals.

Are you interested in volunteering in the NDT Industry?
We are happy to help you find the right opportunity. Please contact us and we can help point you in the right direction that fits your time and talent!

Read Zac's Full presentation here 

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